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  • FILM REVIEW | McQueen

    ★★★★★ | McQueen Fashion designer Alexander McQueen was a genius He had an eye for fashion but was also a troubled soul. The new documentary McQueen shows the highs, and the lows, of McQueen’s life. Alexander McQueen, born in London’s East End in 1969, seemed not to be destined to become one of fashion’s hottest […]

  • THEATRE REVIEW | McQueen, Theatre Royal, Haymarket, London

    Crass yob or fashion god? Both, actually. All bile, venom and spunk, Alexander McQueen was a mutant oik messiah, a sartorial serial-killer maniacally slashing mediocrity into mouth-watering magnificence. ★★★★ But that’s only when his brutally bi-polar, chemsex-twisted muse flew, of course, and new play McQueen – where he’s called Lee, his preferred name throughout – […]

  • Alexander McQueen; Meathead Maverick or Melancholy Martyr?

    ‘I’d rather people left my shows and vomited. I want extreme reactions. I want heart attacks. I want ambulances’ – Alexander McQueen.


    ★★★ | McQueen Fashion Designer Alexander McQueen committed suicide in February, 2010 at the age of 39. But his work and memory lives on, including in a new play simply called McQueen. Stephen Wight plays (and looks just like) McQueen, who was one of the most celebrated UK fashion designers of our time. McQueen, though […]

  • ART REVIEW: Alexander McQueen God Of The Runway: Savage Beauty

    When the retrospective work of British fashion designer Alexander McQueen was exhibited at Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York in 2011, tickets moved quicker than Naomi Campbell’s mobile during a hissy-fit.