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  • Oxford students banned Christian Union from Freshers’ fair over homophobia concerns

    Students at Balliol, one Oxford University’s most prestigious colleges, banned the Christian Union (CU) from its Freshers’ Fair, citing homophobia and neo-colonialism as its reasoning. The CU was banned from attending and recruiting student members at the college’s Freshers’ Fair this year after organisers said that their presence could cause harm to communities “struggling to feel welcome in […]

  • Oxford student union denies “Ze” pronoun story

    A statement released by the Oxford University students’ union has denied it instructed students to use “ze” pronouns. An Oxford University student representative has denied that the university requires people to use the “ze” pronoun after The Times reported that a leaflet was distributed to students suggesting that they should look to use non-gendered pronouns. […]

  • Oxford University students are being instructed to use “Ze” instead of “he” or “she”

    Students at one of the world’s most prestigious universities have been handed a leaflet explaining why they should start to use the pronoun “ze” instead of gender-specific pronouns such as “he” or “she”. The leaflet, which has been distributed by the student union is a campaign they hope will prevent discrimination and offence caused by […]