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  • Robbie Rogers married his boyfriend, Greg Berlanti

    Congrats lads! Out sportsman, Robbie Rogers has married his boyfriend, Greg Berlanti in an “emotional” day. The footballer took to Instagram to say that the wedding exceeded “any dream” he had ever had. The pair posed in a gorgeous photo with their son, Caleb. Still recovering from the most emotional beautiful day, exceeding any dream I […]

  • Robbie Rogers Urges FIFA To Consider Gay Fans Safety For World Cup

    Openly gay footballer Robbie Rogers has reminded FIFA to include basic human rights in its guidelines when choosing a host country for the World Cup. FIFA came under fire in December 2010 when it was announced that Qatar, infamous for its abuses on the rights of gay people and women, won the hosting obligations for […]

  • CNN to air gay sport doc starring Robbie Rogers and Blake Skjellerup

    This weekend CNN is to place the spotlight on homosexuality in sports, with an hour long original documentary featuring Robbie Rogers, Blake Skjellerup and Brittney Griner. In ‘World Sport Presents: Journey of the Gay Athlete’, a one-hour original documentary, CNN gets exclusive access to people on the frontlines fighting against homophobia in sport, to profile […]

  • Gay footballer Robbie Rogers, Other gay footballers “scared” to come out

    Robbie Rogers one of the world’s most famous openly gay footballers has said no other players have contacted him about the issue since he came out in February 2013. Speaking to BBC Newsnight, openly gay footballer Rogers hasn’t received any contact from any other players since he made news about his sexuality back in February. […]

  • FEATURE: 10 Celebs Who Came Out In 2013

    It’s been quite a year for celebrity outings, and as yesterday was National Coming Out Day, we decided to highlight the wonderful celebs that came out in 2013. Coming out is never easy, especially when the world’s cameras and press are following your every move and your career could fail because of it – so […]