testicle face mask

But we’d be lying if we said we never had balls on our face before…

Ever had balls to the face?

Face Masks are a legal requirement now for so many parts of our existence now, whether it’s going to the shops, sitting in a theatre or travelling on public transport, but no one said what the face mask had to look like.


You could go for a nice rainbow face mask or, you could, go for this scrotum face mask, complete with wrinkles and tiny little hair follicles.

The face mask, which is produced in Blackpool is essentially a silicone mask that looks like a wrinkly ball sack. It’s sold by BillysBallBags.com, which is a shop that only sells ball bag merchandise. Of course. And why are we only just finding out about this shop!

Is the testicle face mask legal?


Well, as far as we can tell, they do comply with the law that requires you to wear a face-covering in certain settings. However, you might offend a few people or even get a few funny looks from your co-workers if you rock to your place of work with a set of balls on your face.

So what’s the price of this scrotum face mask? Well, you’re looking at a bill for £24.99, however, demand has apparently been “So high” that they are currently not available while the shop “catches up” on orders of the mask.

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You can even order a darker or lighter shade as skin tone variations are allowed!


It’s not entirely sure whose ball bag was used as a template.

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