The Most Disturbing Use Of An Emoji Yet

This morning something quite brilliant and disturbing turned up in our inboxes…

GMFA the sexual health bods have released their new sexual health awareness campaign called More To Safer Sex which features seven brand new adverts which use stickmen and emojis to teach us all a lesson or two about safer sex.

Well we were down with that until we got to number 3… Which disturbed us a bit – (see above)

GMFA’s Liam Murphy said,

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“We aren’t telling gay men not to use condoms, just that there’s more to consider when preventing HIV. The ‘More To Safer Sex’ webpage will provide education around HIV, help gay men to assess the riskiness of different sex acts, provide information about safer sex practices, PEP, PrEP and the impact of being undetectable on transmission risk, and let gay men know where to go to get tested.”

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Anyways see what you think and enjoy…

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