Following a critically acclaimed run at the Laughing Horse Free Fringe in Edinburgh this year, the verbosely talented cast of the Milk Monitors begin their residency at the Leicester Square Theatre.

All their guests (and believe me, you feel like a guest) are greeted by the regency dressed cast (think Mr Darcy in Pride and Prejudice, swimming through the lake) and asked to submit the title of the Jane Austen story they would like to see played out onstage. From here on in, you will see some of the best long form improvisation you are likely to see on the west end. The ladies of the cast (Amy Cooke-Hodgson, Cariad Lloyd and Rachel Parris) display brilliant characterisation skills and a quick-wittedness that is truly innate. Joseph Morpurgo is a true master of language, and Graham Dickson and Andrew Murray are brilliantly engaging to watch.


This show is a real display in new and established talent proving that you don’t need special effects and props to produce a great comic piece of theatre. A must see for all Austen fans, or indeed, fans of boys in regency jackets and tight trousers.



by Becky Harper


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