★★★★ | Soho Cinders, Charing Cross Theatre, London

Cinderella In Soho is the premise of the new fun musical Soho Cinders.

Now playing at the Charing Cross Theatre until December 21st, the show tells the story of Robbie (Luke Bayer), who is in love with closeted mayoral candidate James Prince (Lewis Asquith) – who by the way is married – to a woman! Robbie is also being pursued by the rich and well-connected Lord Bellingham (Chris Coleman). But poor Robbie – he’s got two evil stepsisters who have taken ownership of the laundromat in Soho that his mother was supposed to have left him and that he still manages, along with Velcro (Millie O’Connell – very good, and the voice of reason in the show) while the step sisters keep on raising his rent. Luckily the money that Lord Bellingham gives him keeps him affloat, but all Robbie wants to do is to be with his Prince Charming.

Meanwhile the Prince campaign is run by the determined William George (Ewan Gillies) who will stop at nothing to make sure Prince wins. But gay love affairs are always hard to keep secret – so will Robbie and Prince manage to stay together amidst the campaign and the lure of the money from Bellingham, and what tricks do the evil stepsisters have up their sleeve next?

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There is no glass slipper in this production, but what there is are good songs, a cast that are enjoying their work, smooth direction from Will Keith, and an all-around Panto vibe. Soho Cinders is a lot of fun and a great night at the theatre.