Just in case you weren’t aware that you’re required to socially distance at the moment as the Covid-19 infection rate continues to climb, one dating app has put a visual reminder in its listings.

So aside from signs in supermarkets, on pavements, on public transport, on TV, radio and billboards, you can now get social distance reminders in your dating app.

Butterfly Dating, which is a “transgender first” dating site and app, has put an actual physical space in between its users and put a mask and “social distance zone” warning on its search results screen, to remind its users to keep their distance.

David Minns – Founder of Butterfly Dating, said “Many regions of the world are now seeing accelerated cases of COVID-19 and additional restrictions. Adding a social distancing zone into the app and site is a simple way to remind people.


“A small graphical change today could save several lives in the coming weeks and months.”


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