ChebuRussia TV of YouTube decided to try a social experiment on the streets of Moscow to see what would happen when two men held hands in public.

Using a hidden camera in a back pack to capture the response from the general public, two men from ChebuRussia held hands in the Russian capital city of Moscow. The couple endured abusive outbursts from various people around the city, with some pointing fingers and shouting abuse at the couple, with one man yelling “Leave Russia”.



Most of the outbursts towards the couple were from men.

Two passersby physically assaulted them by walking directly into their path on two separate occasions.


One member of ChebuRussia said, “I’m a bit frightened by his reaction, he hit hard”, after the assault.


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The three-minute thirty video shows how tough it is to be openly gay in Moscow. The video has had over 3 million views in just one day.

In 2013 President Putin passed a law which outlawed the promotion of homosexuality to anyone under the age of 18.

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