Dale Winton is returning to our screens in a brand new programme called, Dale Winton’s Florida Fly Drive.

Is Dale Winton gay

Dale Winton is showing the world his travelling skills as he embarks on a 1500 mile journey around Florida, US. Taking in the sites and sounds of all that Florida has to offer.

The new show is on Channel 5 on Thursday nights at 9 PM.

Who is Dale Winton?

Dale Winton is probably most famous for his stint as a daytime telly presenter. The programme, Dale’s Supermarket Sweep catapulted him to fame in the early to mid-1990s. The show ran from 1993 to 2007. After the programme ended he also presented, In It To Win It and Hole in The Wall. He’s also worked in radio and has appeared in various charity TV shows.

Is Dale Winton Gay?

Yes, Dale Winton is openly gay. He wrote about being gay in his 2002 autobiography My Story. In the book, he revealed that he never told his mum that he was gay before she died from suicide, which it has been said is something that he regretted. Although he is gay, he’s not open about his relationship status. It is known that a break up of a relationship did cause him to suffer from long-term depression.

When asked why he came out as gay so late, he told The Times that he had remained in the closet for so long because the subject never came up – or anyone asked him in interviews.

Is Dale Winton Married

Is Dale Winton Married?

As far as we know, Dale is not married. However, Dale has spoken about his depression after breaking up with a partner. In 2016 he revealed that some of it was related to the breakup of that relationship.

What else?

In May 2016, in a surprising move for some, Dale admitted that he had fallen for Donald Trump during his presidential campaign – and felt compassion for the now president. He revealed himself to be something of a fan for Us politics. Drawing a comparison to his and Donald’s tan he said, “As one who has spent his entire professional life being ridiculed for my ‘fluorescent tanned complexion’, I felt compassion for the man before he even uttered a single word.”

Dale also said that he thought that Mr Trump was “truly authentic” and “fearless” and praised his battle against political correctness.

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