Which Walking Dead characters are gay

So The Walking Dead has managed to squeeze in six gay characters, so who are they?

Which Walking Dead characters are gay

Although The Walking Dead didn’t have any LGBT reputation for the first three seasons, it has made up for lost time by casting at least six openly gay, lesbian or bisexual characters. So who are they?

Tara Chambler

Tara, played by Alanna Masterson was the first openly lesbian character in The Walking Dead. She appeared in season Four, during the episode “Live Bait” which was the 6th episode in the season.


Alisha who is played by Juliana Harkavy first appeared in the seventh episode, “Dead Weight” of the fourth season of The Walking Dead. She was the girlfriend of Tara Chambler.


Aaron is played by Ross Marquand and is the first openly gay character in The Walking Dead. He appears, with his boyfriend, Eric, in the tenth episode of season five.

Eric Raleigh 

Eric is played by actor Jordan Woods-Robinson. The character appears, alongside his boyfriend, Aaron in episode 10 of season five.

Denise Cloyd

Denise, played by Merritt Wever first appeared in the second episode of the sixth season of The Walking Dead. It is revealed that she is lesbian or bisexual when she kisses Tara. She becomes Tara’s girlfriend.

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Paul “Jesus” Rovia

Paul is played by the actor Tom Payne and first appears in season 6 of The Walking Dead in the 1oth episode. It is not known if he’s has a boyfriend or any romantic relationships.

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