YouTube has been blasted by Pride In London as “concerning” over the restriction of its videos, including a speech given by Prime Minister David Cameron.

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Videos including a speech by then Prime Minister David Cameron to the LGBT+ community have been restricted by the Google-owned video platform, YouTube.

The video service has been criticised after it was revealed that it had restricted 1000s of LGBT+ content creators’ videos, meaning that only people who had opted into unrestricted viewing would be able to see content.


Videos which have been restricted on the Pride In London YouTube channel include performances from X Factor‘s Seann Miley Moore and that of the Pride In London talent winner 2016, Jack Feureisen.

Commenting on YouTube’s ‘Restricted Mode’ filtering out some LGBTQ+ video content, Matthew Hemes, Senior Social Media Manager for Pride in London said,

“YouTube is an incredible space giving LGBTQ+ contributors around the world a platform to be heard. We are concerned that around 25 per cent of Pride in London’s video content is hidden when using YouTube’s ‘Restricted Mode’. Videos not shown include Prime Minister David Cameron’s message to those taking part in 2014, various videos from recent #NoFilter and #FreedomTo campaigns plus many performances on stage in Trafalgar Square. YouTube has been a fantastic supporter of Pride in London and we hope this is rectified soon.”

Last night the Hashtag #YouTubeIsOverParty trended worldwide as users and audiences blasted the move by the world’s biggest video platform.

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In a full explanation of the YouTube explained that they were looking into the concerns of its users and reiterated that it had a “passion” for making its platform inclusive, diverse and vibrant.

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