The Community Advisory Board (CAB) is an organisation established by Pride In London

The Community Advisory Board was established by Pride in London’s owners, London LGBT Community Pride CIC to give it advice on how to improve engagement and to act as a sounding board on difficult or contentious issues.

Who is in charge of the CAB?

The CAB has 19 official positions – of which 12 are filled. There are seven vacant positions including a Women’s Rep and Straight Ally Rep which are new to the board.

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Chair: Adrian Hyyrylainen-Trett
Deputy Chair and Bisexual People’s Rep: Edward Lord OBE (BiUK)
Secretariat: Mark Delacour (LGBT Consortium)
Arts and Literature: Simon Tarrant (Winter Pride UK)
Black and Minority Ethnic People’s Rep: Ozzy Amir (Queen Mary Students’ Union)
Campaigning and Political Groups: Open for nominations
Disabled People’s Rep: Open for nominations
Faith and Belief Groups: Richard Unwin (Galha LGBT Humanists)
Health Rep: Open for nominations
Local Groups Rep: David Robson (Wandsworth LGBT Forum)
Older People’s Rep: Peter Scott-Presland (Opening Doors London)
Performers Rep: Dr J (The Queer Embassy)
Professional Groups: Open for nominations
Sports Rep: Fabian Valencia (Out for Sport)
Straight Ally Rep: New position and open for nominations
Trans* People’s Rep: Megan Faulkner (Trans Network London)
Young People’s Rep: Lukasz Koniezcka (Mosaic LGBT Youth Centre)
Women’s Rep: New position and open for nominations
Open Place Rep: Open for nominations

What does the CAB consult and advise on?

Diversity and inclusion at Pride
Engaging different groups (e.g. trans*, BME) as volunteers, participants and audiences
Future themes and the purpose of Pride
Event plans
Parade design and management
Festival events and acts
Diversity and inclusion training
Financial governance
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