Some people just can’t let it go. Is Matt Barber is one of them? Forget what we’re doing with our bodies and concentrate on what you’re doing with your mind.

Last year the author, lawyer and ex-pro boxer, Matt Barber, used a column in WND to tell gay teens that they were just a ‘means to an end’.

Today he takes to the same publication to focus on ‘How The “Gay” Jihad Normalized A Filthy Practice’, and he definitely seems to know a lot about those gay ‘practices’.

What an odd thought, such a mix of ideologies, but well done on mixing a Muslim war against unbelievers and gay people (and their allies) who are merely asking the government for equality.

Within his article Barber calls homosexuals ‘pagan sexual jihadists’ and laments the poor Christian business owners who are ‘facing harsh government persecution for merely living out their faith.’

Ah, it’s the Christian business owners that are facing persecution; we won’t mention at this point, Crusades, Inquisitions, ‘gay cure’ therapies or what women can or can’t do with their bodies all in the name of beliefs and faiths.

Forgive me, I thought it was the ‘homosexualists’ who faced daily persecution and inequality around the world, but clearly I was wrong. I checked the same dictionary; homosexualist isn’t actually a word.

Throughout Barber’s incoherent ramblings within the article, he arrives, I assume, to the crux of his issues. Anal.

I have to ask why does he care?

How does he know so much about the intimate acts between gay men?

And, why just focus on gay men? Aren’t lesbians part of your rampage against the ‘homosexualists’?

I’d like to take a moment to inform Barber and the rest of his audience, which he insists of ill informing, that not all gay men partake in anal sex.

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Some do, but so do some heterosexuals. In fact if you add up the number of straight people having butt sex and the entire homosexual community that do it, you’ll probably find that proportionally straights are having it more often than the gays and good for them. After all it’s their body.

There are of course, the biological facts to look at here; but since Barber seems to know so much about sodomy, I’m guessing I don’t have to explain. We’ll ignore the fact that the male G-spot is placed inside his body, we’ll forget the fact that the anus is conveniently placed in a position that makes anal sex just as easy and accessible as vaginal intercourse. We’ll also forget the fact that women also enjoy anal intercourse too, and that not all sexual contact between heterosexuals has to end in conception.

Barber’s references to the millions of homosexual men wasting away in hospices, and how the gay press has hidden them away, are just erroneous.

The struggles that gay men faced during the 80s and 90s are still very much at the forefront of the gay media today, and continue to be the subject of many films, books and health campaigns by health services world over.

Barber would be wise to check facts here, perhaps cast his eyes to the real statistics surrounding people living with HIV and AIDS. This just reinforces negativity toward the gay community from those who are far too uneducated on the matter.

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It’s articles like this one that perpetuate the issues that gay people face, but thankfully if one looks at the latest polls and trends on what society thinks on the matter of same-sex marriage, people like Matt Barber look more and more ridiculous as they position themselves on the wrong side of public opinion.

Stop thinking about what the gay community does or doesn’t do in its bedrooms and start focussing on real Christian values of compassion and equality.


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About the author: Jake Hook
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