They aren’t giving up. Those Ashers Bakery owners are now going to appeal to the UK’s highest court.

Despite two court rulings defining their decision not to bake a “gay cake” as discriminatory and unlawful, Ashers Bakery owners, the McArthurs, are appealing to the UK’s Supreme Court according to The Evening Standard.

Gareth Lee the LGBT activist who initially ordered a cake in 2014 which bore the inscription “Support gay marriage” had his order denied by the company whose bosses cited that the “order was at odds” with their beliefs. They added that the supportive message was “in contradiction with what the Bible teaches.”


An original court case found that the bosses had acted unlawfully. District Judge Isobel Brownlie ordered the firm to pay damages of £500 after ruling that religious beliefs could not dictate the law.

Last month judges at the Court of Appeal upheld the original judgement. However, the family behind the bakery is not satisfied and the family’s legal team have written to the Appeal Court judges in Belfast, “to consider giving a short ruling on the question of whether (an) appeal to the United Kingdom Supreme Court is available in this case”.

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The McArthurs have insisted that the issue was never with Mr Lee’s sexuality, but with the message that he had requested on the cake.

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