And it’s so sweet.

Usually, when we hear about the extravagant purchases of today’s celebrities they seem so selfish and utterly pointless especially when they don’t even use them, but BB’s Sam Giffen just melted our hearts with his most expensive purchase. We asked the reality star what the most expensive thing he had ever bought apart from cars and houses, but never used, and what he said surprised us…

He bought his Mum an all expenses paid holiday for her 50th Birthday this year, but because Sam was in the Big Bro house on his Mam’s birthday, he sent her on her way anyway – all the way to gay Paris! How lovely.

He told

“I didn’t go on it. I paid for it but didn’t go on it. I sent her to Paris for her 50th birthday this year. I couldn’t go because obviously, I was in the (Big Brother) house.”

And it turns out that our Sam isn’t a big spender, he continued,

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“I’m not a big spender at all. I’ve got no designer clothes. I’m a high street shopper. I’m not materialistic whatsoever.

“Over the years people have prejudged me from the way I come across on social media, the places I party, the people I go out with. The kinda scene I’m around – people think I love myself or that I’m up my own arse.”

Well, Sam’s Mum – we commend you, you’ve brought up a right gentleman!


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