Imagine if you will, that there was a British Drag Race… Oh, how wonderful would that be. Well, there’s such a wealth of drag talent in the UK we’d be spoilt for choice, well here’s our top 10…


10) Meth

Slightly amazing… Beautiful to boot. A real contender for winner if there was a British Drag Race.



9) Sassi Afrika

Warwickshire’s number 1 drag queen – has released a number of tracks from her album Shockalolic our favourite in the office is Pink To Make The Boys Wink. Take a listen you’ll soon realise why it’s genius. She’s not working… She’s working it.



8) Mary Mac

A powerhouse Scottish queen, whose vocals are second to none. Was a part of the Supreme Fabulettes before going on to front her own show at The Admiral Duncan.



7) Crystal D’Cantor

This fabulous queen is what British Drag is all about, getting down with the crowd, wearing the biggest wig you can find/afford and animal print. Always animal print. You could write what this queen doesn’t know about backcombing on the back leg of a My Little Pony.



6) Sandra

There probably isn’t a club, bar, backroom or toilet that Sandra hasn’t performed in. Having been on the scene for over 15 years – Sandra has sworn, blown and bitch slapped her way to our top 10 ten. All hail the Whore Of Hampsted.


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5) Dave Lynn

Ah Dave Lynn… In a career that’s spanned 35 years Dave Lynn knows how to control an audience like a wireless vibrator. She rose to fame after entering a competition at the now defunct Black Cap and the only queen to have appeared on The Weakest Link with Anne Robinson (praise be) 4 times.



4) Dusty O

Described as queen bee of Soho, you wouldn’t want to get on the wrong side of Dusty O once she’s up on stage, with mic in hand.



3) Titti La Camp

Basically RuPaul would have no idea what hit her if Titti was in the house – it’d most likely be a chicken leg. Titti La Camp’s routine, is, well the stuff of legend. The audience knows what’s coming up and loves every moment of it. From Michelle McManus to Karen Carpenter.


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2) Regina Fong

Regina Fong is fondly remembered by those on London’s gay scene. She coined the phrase Her Imperial Highness. Sadly Fong died in 2003 from Cancer aged just 56.



1) Paul O’Grady as Lily Savage

Possibly the most famous drag queen the UK has ever enjoyed. Although Paul O’Grady is unlikely to don another pair of heels, we think Paul O’Grady could teach even Ru a thing or two about Drag.


About the author: Jake Hook
The editor and chief of THEGAYUK. All in a previous life wrote and produced songs on multi-platinum records.