Ahh the nineties…


1)  Your first visit to “the scene” was a huge huge deal. And once you got there it was like heaven.

2) You had to, had to, have the curtain hair style and if your Mum was cool you were also allowed a step.

3) You screamed when Britney came on.

4) You screamed when Take That came on.


5) HIV and AIDS were scary AF and the memory of this advert still haunted us…


6) You had to watch Will And Grace.

7) You had to watch Queer As Folk – the UK.

8) Fila. That. Is. All.


9) You knew all the moves to Vogue… and then some.

10) You knew all the moves to Wannabe and then some.

11) Bleach was your go-to hair product.

12) Double denim was okay and socially acceptable.

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13) You knew that Spice Girls and All Saints was a full-blown war.

14) B*Witched was a thing and it was cool AF.


15) You drank this… for some reason.


16) Your music news came from Smash Hits and CD:UK.


17) You probably had a Gaydar account.



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18) You listened to Banarama on one of these.


19) Kylie had a weird patch… but you still loved her.


20) Beautiful Thing gave you life goals


About the author: Jake Hook
The editor and chief of THEGAYUK. All in a previous life wrote and produced songs on multi-platinum records.