From the cost of running a gay bar in London to gender neutral tube announcements, we’ve learned quite a lot this week.

TV Star Thomas Dekker came out gay… Welcome to the family!


Many of us were shocked to learn that Jeremy Joseph, owner of the G-A-Y venues is having his rent upped to nearly three-quarters of a million a year for G-A-Y Late. Could huge rent increases be the reason for London’s declining LGBT+ spaces?

Peter Tatchell asked if homophobia was holding back Pride in London?

A gay man who has been battling cancer got the shock of his life at pride when friends and family took over the video screens to send their love and support


Adam Rickitt proved he still has the perkiest butt in the business.

The news that Transport for London is going to get rid of “Ladies and Gentlemen” in its public announcements was met with mixed response and it has to be said, it was mainly negative.

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