“Oooo! Pants. In my Christmas stocking yippeee”. Said no man anywhere. Or will he? Check out Dan Coleborn’s top 6 choices to stick in your man’s stocking this Christmas.

For The Sporty Guy

Understandably sport underwear comes in many different shapes and styles, so unless you know exactly what he’s after I’d play it fairly safe with this one. Going for something along the lines of the Nike Pro Hypercool 6” Shorts is a sure fire way to please any guy who’s more likely to be found enjoying himself on a field rather than in front of the TV this Christmas. Created from Dri-Fit Max fabric and with a compression fit for a “locked in feel” it’s going to be difficult getting it wrong with these babies. Your main struggle might just be picking the colour.

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For The Guy With Thighs

Under Armour Men's The Original Boxer Jock 9-inch

There’s no shortage of Gays with phenomenal thighs out there – you know the kind I’m talking about, the ones that look like the Jaws of Life that could end you, or save you, in a second. The issue with thighs of thunder is that quite often a little irritable chafing can be the price that one pays for having them. So, if your guy has the thighs of a Welsh rugby player opt for the likes of Under Armour’s Men’s UA Original Series 23cm Boxerjock. Not only will they make his thighs look like there coated in molten chrome, the added length will also help to combat any risk of chaffing.

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For The Show Off Guy

Some guys just like to take what they’ve got and give it a little boost in the bedroom. For this kind of show off go for AussieBum’s EnlargeIT Sport trunks. With their own EnlargeIT Tech built in this is sure to help any show off really catch the attention of anyone else in the room – be it the bedroom, or the locker-room.

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For The Loveable Guy With Handles To Match

Despite what the media might inform us, not every Gay has rippling abs and 4% body fat. If your guy has a little extra cuddle to him go for a more classic style of underwear, helping to limit discomfort and eradicate the muffin-top. Calvin Klein’s CK One Boxers do the job perfectly without returning to the style of your Dad’s underwear entirely.


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For The Commando Guy

If your man happens to prefer the feeling of less rather than more, then Andrew Christian’s Almost Naked Tagless Cotton Boxer might be the only way to go. With a pouch that “virtually eliminates sticking, squashing, re-adjusting, sweating and chafing” he might even come to prefer wearing these to wearing nothing at all. Or, you know, you could always just keep it bare and not buy him anything at all – just mull it over.

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For The Playful Guy

If you’re looking for a slightly more suggestive design for a guy who doesn’t mind putting on a bit of a show, go for a classic PUMP! Jock. It’s all business in the front, with a little party in the back, just as you’d expect from any jockstrap and is definitely a little more sexy than a pair of Christmas socks.

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