Cyber crime can now lock you out of your own cock.

A chastity device has apparently had security issues in which users have found themselves locked out after someone managed to hack the product’s app.

The £145 product, called the Cellmate Chastity Cage by Qiui, has now apparently had a fix issued by its Chinese developers, but users must update to the new app. Using the old app could expose users to the security flaw and become locked into their device, without the ability to cancel its locking mechanisms.


The hack meant that everyone who was using the device could be locked into it and their ability to control it was overridden. Scarily there’s NO manual override, meaning many users would have had to destroy their chastity devices to get out of them.

There is a fix however, there’s a new app. Users who are still using the old app are still at risk of having their device hacked.

Pen Test Partners discovered the hack and took to YouTube to explain their findings, saying


“Over the years we’ve looked at a number of smart adult toys, raising concerns.

“My esteemed colleague Alex Lomas […] has been looking at this device, which is wonderful: a male chastity device. The idea is you put the appendage in here, you put a clamp on behind the testicles and you’re then well and truly locked in.

“It’s smart, so it’s locked under Bluetooth, so you can use a smartphone to lock it. There’s a mobile app, an API.


“Then, being a chastity device, you then give permission to lock to someone you trust, who then has control over your… device.

“Unfortunately Alex found an insecure direct object reference in the API. It meant he could take over everyone’s chastity device and lock everybody in.

“Believe it or not there’s no manual unlock, key or override. The only way to get out is to cut through this, which is hardened steel and given where it’s a that’s going to be quite difficult to get yourself out of.

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“Now, it’s not for us to kink-shame. If people want to use these devices that’s absolutely fine with us. I just think people should be able to use these securely and safely.

“Unfortunately, many adult toys are let down by their lack of attention to security which really exposes their users.”

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