It’s been quite the year in Celeb land for nakedness from the pert buttocks of Justin Bieber to the accidental exposure of Lenny Kravitz, here’s our top ten celebrity naked moments.

10) Zac Efron in the Dirty Grandpa German trailer. Mr. Efron was all kinds of naked in this naughty trailer for the forthcoming comedy romp with Robert DeNiro.

9) Philip Schofield. Mr Daytime TV bared his cheeks for a TV promo spot. The only problem was that it was a bottom double. Oh well…

8) Justin Bieber’s Ass. The press approved shot was published on the singer’s Instagram, showing that the global superstar has a pert behind.

7) Calum Best’s Bath Time… No need to thank us…

6) Robbie William’s asks if his penis will break the internet… it caused a ripple, but didn’t break it…

5) Marc Jacobs accidentally flashed his penis to the world… And had an amazing way of responding to the mistake.

4) Aaron Frew… the twerking king of Big Brother 2015.

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3) Austin Armacost and James Hill – naked in Celeb Big Brother was an undeniable highlight of the summer series.

2) Lenny Kravitz “Freein Willy”. The worst possible moment for the singer to have a wardrobe malfunction. We’re barred from showing the pics but you can still find them…

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