Online retailing giant Amazon has removed a “Lady Boy” costume after a backlash over its offensiveness.

A costume being sold on the Amazon store, which featured a man wearing a dress and wig with a fake penis poking out the front has been removed after reviews called the costume “repugnant” and numerous customers took offence.
The dress, by Orion Costumes, was described as,

A short sequin dress in silver with spaghetti straps. The back of the dress features a half elasticated waistline to create a tailored appearance when wearing.

At the front of the dress are fabric male genitalia in a light skin tone colour hidden behind a fabric flap which fastens in place with velcro. The flap can be lifted to reveal yourself, or left down to protect your modesty.

Within 30 minutes of the store being contacted by GayStarNews the costume had been removed.

The costume follows a similiar line of the disgraced halloween costume which featured Caitlyn Jenner – however, when asked whether Jenner took offensive at the costume she said she was “in” on the joke.

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The costume had been for sale on Ebay but has since removed the product from its website.

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