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A third of Brits lets their pet sleep in bed with them – and one in ten people smoke under the covers, a study has found.

A poll, of 15,000 adults, found that despite bed being a haven for most, some could be sharing the sheets with pet hair and old cigarette smoke.

The average Brit also tucks into snacks or food while in bed at least once a week.

But one in four admit they can go three weeks or more without washing their sheets.

And one in twenty have a mattress which is more than 15 years old.

Lisa Bond, Marketing Director at Britain’s leading bed specialist, Dreams, which commissioned the research, said,

“For many, our beds are the most comfortable place in the home, and the area we would like to spend most of our time.

“It’s important to be comfortable and have a supportive mattress which is why we recommend for the best night’s sleep, you replace it every eight years.”

“Many people replace their cars more often than their mattress, yet you spend a third of your life in bed. You can’t underestimate the benefit of a good night’s sleep.”

Researchers found just 43 per cent change their sheets at least once a week, while another 34 per cent do it once a fortnight.

One in ten even admitted to leaving it a month or more between changing the sheets while another one in twenty regularly go for two months without clean bedclothes.

The average pillows have also been on our beds for just over three years while duvets are an average of almost four years old.

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Brits have even been using the same bed sheets for an average of more than five years.

Researchers also found the average adult will spend an hour and 30 minutes lying awake, on three nights each week – a total of four-and-a-half hours a week.

But women lose more sleep – struggling to get a full night of shut eye four times a week compared to a man’s three nights.

Being too hot is the most common reason for disturbed sleep, followed by stress, struggling to get comfortable and worrying about money.

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A snoring partner, health issues and being nervous or excited about something happening the next day also leads to sleepless nights.

On top of that, 48 per cent of adults reckon they have at least one night a week where they wake up in some kind of pain or discomfort.

Top 20 reasons for having a disturbed night’s sleep:
1. You’re too hot
2. Stress
3. You struggle to get comfortable
4. Worries about money
5. Your partner is snoring
6. You are nervous about something you have to do the next day
7. Health issues
8. You’re not tired
9. Worries about your relationship/family
10. You’re too cold
11. You often have bad dreams or night terrors
12. Worries about work
13. You hear noises during the night
14. Young children keep you awake
15. Your partner fidgets a lot
16. You spend too long looking at your phone/tablet before bed
17. You’re too excited about something to sleep
18. Your bed isn’t very comfortable
19. You’ve eaten too late
20. You’ve had too much caffeine

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