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gay couple
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It seems as though rude to staff on a date is the biggest turn off on dates, coupled with double-dipping and talking politics.

A brand-new year is here the corner meaning a fresh start in the dating pool and 365 days to go on some, hopefully, successful dates. In the hopes of helping people secure their second date, decided to see what bad habits people want their dates to leave at home. They did a survey asking 1,283 people about things they hate their dates doing most, after finding the top 13 habits they asked whether their date would score a second date.

Are you a bad date?


Chewsy found that only 32% of their participants think going for dinner is an ideal first date. If you have a dinner date on the cards, then here are some things to avoid doing if you want to secure a second date.

Bad Habits Percentage of people who wouldn’t go on a second date
Being impolite to waiting staff94%
Bad table manners91%
Loud / open mouth chewing88%
Talking about yourself the whole time82%
Going on your phone76%
Getting drunk67%
Talking about an ex63%
Ordering food for you53%
Start eating before your food arrives52%
Attempting to be intimate48%
Stealing food from their plate 35%
Double dipping 25%
Putting elbows on the table9%

Unsurprisingly being impolite to waiting staff is the biggest offence you can commit on a date with nearly all participants saying they wouldn’t go on a second date, bad table manners and loud / open mouth chewing also made the top 3. Double dipping, innocent to you but not your date. 1 in 4 people said they wouldn’t go on a second date if they witnessed their date double dip. If you tend to overdrink during dates, you have a better chance of scoring a second date compared to people who go on their phone during dates (by 9% to be precise).

When asked “what’s the worst thing someone could ask?” you on a first date people said anything relating to how much money you make, invasive questions about family and their finances.

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Ask the right questions

Gay couple
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Chewsy flipped the question and asked people “what’s the best questions someone could ask you?” most answered centred around being asked about their dreams, interests favourite kind of music and hobbies. There was a consensus to keep things light and entertaining on the first date. However, some answers steered away from the usual questions the best one being “how much should I send to your bank account?

Lay off the burritos

Participants were also asked “what foods are a no go on a date / what foods do they tend to avoid?” and the most popular answers were: burritos, burgers, seafood of any kind, anything that is saucy and heavy with garlic.

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