Big Brother stars Ryan Ruckledge and Hughie Maughan say they have been involved in a homophobic attack.

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Big Brother star Ryan Ruckledge posted a picture of his bruised and cut eye after, what he says, was a homophobic attack in Dublin last night. He wrote that he was attacked after an award’s ceremony and thankfully his husband to be, Hughie, whom he meant on Big Brother last year “stuck up” for him after four men launched an assault on the couple.


The attack left the Ryan with facial injuries including a deep looking cut above his right eye. Hughie said that he had to fight four men resulting him being “beat up”.

Taking to Instagram Ryan wrote,

“Whe. [sic] You go to an awards ceremony with ya boyfriend and then end up getting attacked on a night out, people are horrible today I hope someone punches u”

Informing his fans what had happened Hughie, wrote,

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“Can’t believe what happened last night, me and Ryan went to an awards in Dublin and ended up on a night out and a bunch of lads launched a homophobic attack on us .. I had to fight 4 guys getting beat up”

THEGAYUK reached out find out whether the attack had been reported to the police.

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