Owen Jones

Owen Jones has taken to social media to call for an “emergency protest” against President Trump’s ban on entry into the US for people from seven Muslim-majority countries around the world.

Owen Jones
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Left-wing political activist and columnist for The Guardian, Owen Jones has called on his fans to join him in protesting President Trump‘s ban on entry to the US for people from seven Muslim-majority countries, which some on social media are calling #MuslimBan. Owen is also protesting against the British Prime Minister Theresa May and her “silence” with regards to the policy.

Reaching out to his 525,000 fans on Twitter Owen called for an “Emergency protest against Trump’s and ‘s silence, this Monday”.

He is urging supporters to gather outside 10 Downing Street from 6:00 PM. So far 10,000 people on Facebook have said that they are going.


The controversial policy was announced by the Trump administration on Friday, 27th January. The 90-day ban applies to travellers who are citizens from seven countries including, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Sudan, Somalia, Yemen and Libya.

The ban does not include travellers who have already got a green card.

Nearly 500,000 people have signed a petition calling on the UK Government to prevent Donald Trump from making a state visit to the United Kingdom. The petition will be considered for debate in Parliament and will get an official response from the Government.

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