This book, by Michael John, aims to look at the one last taboo in gay life. We’ve had piercings, fisting, anal, bare back, you name it, its been discussed – but the one thing still guaranteed to make us stare is a young man with an older companion.

We all think the obvious – its done for the money, he’s trade, he’s desperate, etc, etc… but what about the fact that for some, it’s a physical attraction, no different from liking ginger hair or beards.

Although fictional, the book takes place in a real place, uses real experiences and helps you appreciate the genre more. It has a good plot line, keeps moving you through the story, gives you characters you like and laugh with, not at.

The story follows Terry, a handsome young man from northern England who has a secret: he is sexually attracted only to much older men. Several times a year, he takes trips to Gran Canaria where he can indulge his unconventional passion. But on one of these trips he meets Alan Reid, the father of his ex-girlfriend – a man he’s always secretly desired. Alan, and his companion George are taking the chance to grow old disgracefully. Older Younger explores the nature of attraction between the generations, using the backdrop of this holiday island as a natural foil for temporary relationships and taboos.

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All in all, the book is a good read, and I for one cant wait for the follow up…


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