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  • EDITOR’S LETTER: Coming Out

    Coming Out is a different story for every single person. Some have joy, some have sorrow but most have relief. I remember before I came out (I was in a relationship with a guy for 2 years at that point) I was petrified about outing myself. I thought lightening would crack me down, the ground […]

  • COMMENT: I’m Coming Out

    Ok, I’ve decided to come out.” How much further out can you get” I hear you ask. Well, we’re not talking sexuality here. We’re talking about something much more contentious and something that carries a whole lot more prejudice. Age. My age is something I’ve purposely shrouded in a certain amount of mystery for quite […]

  • COMMENT: Pride, Who Cares?

    This weekend is possibly one of the busiest on the Pride circuit for 2012, and warm ‘Pride’ greetings to you all in Brighton, Grimsby, Cardiff, Barnsley and here in Leicester. Once again members of the LGBT community will be celebrating their sexuality in public, and cities and towns enjoying the diversity that the LGBT community […]

  • COLUMN: Made To Measure

    There’s always that question in my mind whenever I see a traditionally dressed skinhead in Doctor Martin boots and braces: Is he gay with a skinhead fetish, a Neo Nazi or part of the real skinhead culture? Maybe all three?

  • COLUMN: Mind The Gap

    What is it with gay couples and the age gap thing? It seems to be so much more prominent in gay life but that could be my perspective as I have a mildly jaundiced view. A friend of mine is in his mid forties yet wouldn’t consider entering a relationship (sexual or otherwise) with any […]

  • COLUMN | Older And Wiser

    I always dreaded ageing. I cried upon reaching 25, thought hitting 30 would be the end of my life and 40 felt like an impossible milestone. I was actually pretty certain that like a lot of my A-list celebrity idols, I would have burnt out long before I hit the fourth decade. I tried hard […]

  • COLUMN: My 8 Dating Disasters

    Have you had any bad dating experiences? For my circle of friends, both gay and straight, they seem to be the norm.   My default state has always been to be in relationships. I met my first boyfriend when I was 16 and was in the Lower Sixth and he was in the Upper Sixth. […]

  • COLUMN: Games People Play

    I hate to conform to stereotypes but I don’t understand sport at all. It’s a complete mystery to me.

  • COMMENT: Is It Time For Gay Games?

    As we reported earlier in the week had announced that there were only 20 (now 21) openly gay or lesbian athletes in this year’s Olympics in London, United Kingdom. This is up from only 11 in the Beijing games, but this number still feels incredibly low if you take the ‘reasonable estimate’ from Stonewall […]

  • COLUMN | Men And Their Photos

    What is it with men, mobile phone cameras and their penises? I remember being on a date with a man once, who during the date showed me a picture of his penis. Apropos of nothing he passed me the phone and showed me the goods… Mind you, it wasn’t a bad one, I must admit. […]

  • Is it any cop? Eurovision 2012 UK Entry

    Waiting with breath held, nervously cracking my knuckles, it’s a tense time at THEGAYUK gin palace. Until we heard that the Hump was going to be representing us in the Eurovision Song Contest. Okay… here’s a quick quiz what links the following Eurovision entries with Engelbert Humperdinck. Scooch, Gemini, Jade, Blue? Their combined ages equal […]