A reader asks whether it’s safe to use lotion instead of lubricant during sex.

Dear TGUK,

Can I have sex with lotion as lube?


Using the right lube is key to having comfortable and enjoyable sex. (C) BIGSTOCK

Dear J

There are many liquids you can use as lube, but lubes designed for sex are the best lubes to use.

While lotion might feel good your penis, it might actually have chemicals in it that will irritate the inside of your arse – which will lead to painful sex or even a burning sensation.

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When it comes to sex, the wetter the better. Always use lube when having anal sex. It will make it more comfortable and better protect you against tears and pain. Madeinitaly / Pixabay

Also, a word of warning, particularly if you’re using condoms during anal sex, you should really only use water-based or silicone-based lotions. Lotions and lubes that are oil-based could actually destroy a condom, leaving you unprotected from sexually transmitted infections.

Do yourself a favour and buy a lube which is longlasting and feels good for your ass and dick!

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