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DILEMMA | Is it safe to have sex when you have piles

This week a reader asks whether it’s safe to have intercourse when he’s suffering from piles.


Dear Dilemmas,

I have piles so is it safe to have sexual intercourse while i am suffering from this problem?

Yours, Jon

We asked Public Health Practitioner Jose Perez de la Cruz, BPubHtlth his thoughts on whether its safe to have sex whilst you have haemorrhoids

Anal sex has the potential to inflame pre-existing haemorrhoids (piles), though research shows that it does not cause them in the first place. So long as the piles are not actively bleeding or painful at the time on intercourse then it is probably safe to have sex. If they are bleeding or there is inflammation though, this means that the natural protective barrier formed by the skin and mucous membranes is not at its optimum which if exposed to an STI can make transmission more likely.

I would recommend using Preparation H or Germoloids (all available on Amazon) to help control pain and inflammation and to reduce swelling.


During sex, it is also important that you use a good water based lubricant, particularly during acts of multiple people or high-frequency sexual activity as this will reduce the chance of any inflammation being caused. They are very unlikely to burst during normal sexual activity, even in the case of sex parties, threesomes or orgies. If creams etc. though do not fix the underlying problem and I would recommend as a permanent solution surgical intervention.


This can now be done almost painlessly by syringing the haemorrhoids and a referral can be obtained by going to see your GP. There are also a number of private clinics undertaking the therapy which do not require GP referral.

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