And it’s epic.

Blu Hydrangea is already known to be one talented and shady queen from her time on season one of Drag Race UK, but her new Tik Tok video takes the shade up another level after she flawlessly reenacts that famous reading from The Vivienne to Divina DeCampo about her red hair and silver dress.

Blu uses one of the most ferocious takedowns in the entire series where The Vivienne says to Divina,

“To be 100% honest with yer, now that I’ve seen you here, you are twenty times the drag queen you are in the outside world.

“Because in the last 10 years I’ve seen Divina in a red wig and a silver dress.

To which Divina comes back with, “Bullsh*t, a red wig and a silver dress? I don’t think”.

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Blu Hydrangea shows just how epicly savage she can be!

That entire scene is now reacted in glorious Tik Tok fashion with Blu miming along, applying perfect makeup wearing a red wig and silver dress.

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The shade is strong in this one.

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