One of the world’s richest men just posted a picture a site that’s uber-popular with guys who like to show a bit of skin.

However, it has to be said that Elon has kept his look for the site – classy – and suited. The 46-year-old serial entrepreneur seemingly uploaded a picture onto the, a site that usually has a fair bit of flesh on show.

Other celebrities, such as Justin Bieber, Lewis Hamilton and Cameron Dallas have all graced the pages of GWIP with their photos.

Elon is currently, we believe, single at the moment, so we were wondering whether he uploaded the picture to get some tips or pointers on how to take the perfect picture for a dating profile.

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Well, Elon, you’re looking fine!

Elon, who,¬†hasn’t identified as bisexual or gay in the past, split up with his last girlfriend, Amber Heard in 2016 due to their “conflicting schedules”.