★★★★ | Fags In The Fast Lane

Having headed into Dullsville to counteract a string of gay bashings, handsome hero, Sir Beauregard (aka The Cockslinger) and his trusty companion Reginald Lampoon III find themselves embroiled in a quest to retrieve The Golden Cock, a talisman which you rub to bring “good luck to the f***”, and which has been stolen by The Chompers, a grotesque Burlesque troupe of mutants, led by Wanda the Giantess. Heading off with homophobic hood, Squirt, in tow, and chased by Squirt’s equally homophobic sheriff father, Beau joins forces with a Persian cross-dressing princess and an Indian assassin on an increasingly bizarre road trip leading to Freaky Town with one goal in mind – to get his hands on the phallic wonder.

Without fitting into any specific movie genre, Fags is a wonderfully distasteful yarn which couldn’t be much gayer if it tried. Knowingly revelling in its gaudy, kitsch, low budget glory, Fags harks back to the late 70’s/early 80’s sexpoltation parodies, in a massive mash-up of trashy, freaky, funny, and downright bizarre. From brothels to Bollywood, and from tiki-tiki huts to trashy townships, the road trip is littered with phallic references, drag queens, knob gags galore and plenty to laugh at. Throw in a handful of musical interludes, puppets, miniature models and practical special effects and you have a film which has its tongue planted so firmly in its cheek that it hurts; and one which you just have to sit back, and let yourself be taken along for the ride. Imagine the kind of film that you would end up with if the lovechild of Russ Myers and John Walters made a Barbarella / Xanadu crossover in the style of Flesh Gordon with added (gay) sexploitation and you are pretty much there.

But aside from that, Fags also takes clichés and stereotypes and successfully subverts them, by not only reclaiming them, but by celebrating them. It’s not afraid to thrust its camp glory in the faces of the viewers and does so with aplomb; whilst somewhere buried deep in the garishness of it all is a bold statement about being yourself.

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Nestling neatly between parody and homage, Fags in the Fast Lane is brimming with giggly homoeroticism and is quickly heading for camp cult classic status.

Fags in the Fast Lane is available on DVD , VOD or from iTunes.  You can  also view the trailer on YouTube