FILM REVIEW | Happy Happy

30th November 2012 0 By Chris Bridges

Kaja is a school teacher who is an eternal optimist.

She always tries to maintain an upbeat attitude, in spite of living with a frosty man who’d rather go ‘hunting’ with the boys than spend time with her in the bedroom. She hides her discontent and loneliness behind a joyful exterior. When a successful and glamorous couple rent the neighbouring house in their snowy Norwegian town, life takes some different turns for Kaja and her sexually confused husband as they both take an unhealthy interest in the attractive male neighbour, Sigve. Nights spent eating and drinking over board games lead to unexpected consequences.

he film is an off-beat relationship comedy which has endearing qualities. Agnes Kittelsen (Kaja) portrays a character who is naive and vulnerable in her desperate and often unhappy search for happiness and her quirky screen presence is at times reminiscent of Audrey Tautou.

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The film is punctuated by intermittent interludes with a barbershop quartet, lush with beautiful snowy scenes and an atmospheric feel which all add to the mood of this gentle comedy with a dark undertone.


A prefect film for a winter afternoon or evening in a warm darkened cinema.