Are you a sexy-time talker? Chances are you’re staying stone-cold silence during the deed. Here’s why talking during sex is a good thing to do.

what to say during sex
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They say communication is the key to successful relationships and there’s no reason why this shouldn’t happen in the bedroom to bring you a successful sex life. So here’s 11 things you should definitely say or do in bed if you’re looking for better sex.


Are you close?

It’s okay to ask, but as always it’s in the tone of your voice. Ask in a bored tone or a voice that is dripping with sarcasm might just ruin the flow… Asking whether your guy is getting close to coming could mean that you can climax together. Bonus


I like it when you…

“Blow me”, “lick my balls”, “rim” or “just stick it in”. Guys, we’re not mind readers and unless you voice what it is you want to happen next the likelihood is that it won’t happen and life is too short for crappy unfulfilling sex.


I’ll give it ago

Has your partner just suggested doing something a bit left-field? Instead of saying, “no” why not, unless it literally makes you sick to your core, try it out. You never know, it could be the best thing you’ve ever done. As I like to say, “don’t say no, till you give it ago”.


I need a moment…

If, for whatever reason you need to take some time out, just say so. Don’t worry about disappearing erections and the mood flying out the window, those things will always come back…


I love your body

Is your partner a little body conscious? Telling him that you love his body could really help the barriers come down and the sex to become wild. By communicating that you’re really enjoying his body will ramp up the moment.


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If something is not your cup-of-tea then you have the right to say, “no”. If you’re getting involved with some kinky play then you and your partner should agree on a safe word which is absolute. If things get a little hairy the safe word must mean an absolute end to the activity at hand.


You taste so good.

Some men are worried about the taste of their goodies. Especially if the sex you’re having is a bit unplanned. So feed his penis or ass some encouragement.


Moan and then moan some more.

If you’re a little weirded out by using actual words use moans and groans to communicate your pleasure! The louder and more insistent the moan the more obvious it should be to how much you’re enjoying the play.


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You look amazing in that position…

The problem with sex, sometimes, is that some positions can feel a little compromising and a little exposed. Some encouragement could do your partner wonders in the confidence arena, plus if the view is spectacular you should mention it. You wouldn’t climb Everest without commenting on the vista!


I Love You

If it’s appropriate and you are in love, saying, “I love you” during sex could be a real bonding moment. However, it’s probably best not to say it for the first time during your session. Feel the moment, if it feels right to, do it.


Thank you

Manners cost nothing and mean everything.

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