Tom Daley and Prince Harry have been named in Zoo’s coolest men in the UK awards as voted for by the British public.

 The list included 20 of the ‘coolest’ guys in Britain and it featured HRH Prince Harry and Tom Daley – while rapper Example topped the list and Mayor Boris Johnson bottomed.

1. Example

2. Idris Elba

3. Ronnie O’Sullivan


4. HRH Prince Harry

5. Benedict Cumberbatch

6. Guy Martin


7. Dapper Laughs

8. Tom Daley

9. Michael Bisping


10. Alex Turner

11. Tom Hardy

12. David Beckham


13. Jack Whitehall

14. Jason Statham

15. Noel Gallagher


16. Keith Lemon

17. Professor Green

18. David Haye


19. Russell Howard

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20. Boris Johnson


Example, who releases his fifth studio album out this year in June, commented on his accolade: “I haven’t won an award for anything, so it might as well be the best award in the country. I’ve been around in this game for eight years and I’m on my fifth album, and I’ve toured the world, and had 19 top 40s, and I’ve never been nominated or won f*ck all. So it’s just great this could be the first one.”

ZOO Editor Damien McSorley commented: ‘Example is well worthy of the title, Britain’s Coolest Man 2014, having elevated himself to become one of Britain’s leading musicians. He’s got fame, fortune, a gorgeous wife, but remains straight-talking and incredibly down to earth. He beat Idris Elba, Ronnie O’Sullivan and Prince Harry, showing that class, background or even your job don’t matter to the men of Britain – just that you are hard-working, true to yourself and always up for a bit of fun.’

Last year ManBar in central London gained considerable notoriety after its topless picture of Prince Harry went viral, ensuring Prince Harry’s place in history as a gay icon!

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