If you’re living with HIV and you are concerned about the ability to get HIV medications during the current Covid-19 outbreak we’ve got some reassuring news for you.

THEGAYUK.com spoke to leading HIV awareness activist, Philip Baldwin, who told us that, “both the NHS and the British HIV Association have made it clear that everyone will be able to access their HIV medication”.

He also recommended that people have at least 30 days worth of medication in case of a quarantine situation.

He added, “Call your HIV clinic if you are worried and follow their advice. Listen to your healthcare professionals. You can also check your clinic’s website, which should have up-to-date information.”

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If you’re unable to actually leave your house to collect medication Philip said,

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“Many people living with HIV receive their medication through Homecare (home delivery rather than collecting it from a pharmacy). Homecare will continue where patients are already registered. Do not panic and try to stockpile – the UK has more than adequate supplies as long as we remain sensible.”

Feeling panicky, isolated or anxious during these uncertain times? We’ve created a resource page which has important phone numbers, articles and support groups listed. Click here to go there.

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