Homophobic Beating Leads To Theatrical Celebration

Nando Messias was beaten up on a street in an act of homophobic hatred. Years later he’s ready to give his response to that incident, a spectacle of provocation, celebration and hyper flamboyancy in The Sissy’s Progress.

CREDIT: Nando Messias
CREDIT: Nando Messias


Part dance-theatre, part walking performance, The Sissy’s Progress leads its audience out onto the streets with a live marching band playing original music composed by Jordan Hunt. The Sissy’s Progress confronts the harsh contradictions of gender and violence of city life, standing up for sissies everywhere.

Nando says, “It’s genuinely frightening. I almost always get abuse from passers-by when we’re doing the performance. The audience gets to experience that and that makes it feel uniquely relevant. I’m particularly proud that we take this performance precisely to places where such

work wouldn’t normally be seen. It’s a universal theme.”     

The Sissy’s Progress has been performed at Homotopia, Liverpool and OUTBURST, Belfast. with further performances on:

20th February, Tom Thumb Theatre, Margate 7.30pm  £10   www.tomthumbtheatre.co.uk

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17th/18th March, Toynbee Studios, London 17th: 7.30pm. 18th: 7pm & 8.45pm   £10/£8    


7th May,   Marlborough Theatre, Brighton, Brighton Fringe   www.marlboroughtheatre.org.uk

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th May, Horniman Museum & Gardens, London as part of Queer Lates, from 6.30pm 


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