Popular Great British Bake Off presenter Sue Perkins, spoke about a horrific homophobic remark from a doctor about her ability to have children after learning she was gay.

Sue Perkins, 45, was recounting how she was told that due to her having a brain tumour that she would be unable to have children and it would be “easier” for her because of her sexuality. The presenter is who currently presenting this series of GBBO has been living with the benign tumour for eight years.

The growth of the tumour in her pituitary gland means that the presenter will be unable to give birth to a child. Upon being told about the tumour, her Consultant asked if she had a husband or boyfriend and after learning that Perkins was gay apparently said,

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“Oh, OK. Well, that makes it easier. You’re infertile. You can’t have kids.”

Talking about her treatment in her memoir, Perkins replies:

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“Does not a lesbian have a fallopian tube? Am I not human, and [am] I not somebody who could be a lovely, wonderful mother?”

Sue Perkins was outted by her former girlfriend Rhona Cameron in 2002 during a series of I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here. In 2014 Perkins and TV presenter Anna Richardson announced that they were in a relationship.
Perkins talks about the horrific moment in her memoir, Spectacles, published in the Sunday Times.
Sue Perkins’ book is available to buy on Amazon
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