Mr Showbiz is back in the house. We caught up with him shortly before he went in!

What have you been doing since you were evicted?
It’s been mad. The eviction was a shock and the initial feeling was, “Why me?” Then I went into performing mode and said, “Well, I’ve had my five minutes of fame!” But I was gutted. I felt cheated. It was like being dragged away from your family even though I had only known those people for two hours. It was a horrible feeling. The Timebomb was a good idea but it was brutal.

You were only in for a very short time but did you have any favourites?
I’m a good judge of character and I really took to the twins. I love Chloe. Harriet I really like. I like the real people in the House, because a lot of them are not being real.

Have you kept watching?
Oh yes, I watch it avidly. I’m not sour!

Who have you suspected of playing a game?
Cristian, Kieran, Danny and Sarah, they’re not my sort of people. I think that they are plastic and boring. They’re not entertaining to watch and they are just arrogant and vain.

You’re coming back in having seen it all. How will you use your knowledge?
I don’t do fake and I’ll bring them back down to earth. There is no strength in that House and that is what I bring. It’s like a cake with no substance. I’m the icing on the cake, darling!

What will you bring to the house this time?

Will you change your approach from the way you went in first time round?
I was nervous, I had a few drinks and I went into Showbiz mode! I was very loud and I watched it back and thought, “Urgh!” but I made an impression and I will just go in there with a bang. That is the only way I can do it, but this time, I want people to see the real Simon who is a listener, a friend and a leader. Not just somebody who is flamboyant and loud all the time because there is more to me than that.

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Were you surprised to get the call asking you back?
I was crying. I still can’t believe it. I was so emotional and I felt like I had won the lottery and now I have been given another chance.

Now you’re a Timebomb yourself, can you live up to it?
Yes! I’m just Simon. I’m big, I’m in your face but I’m real as well. No one got to see it last time but they are going to see it this time. The recognition I have had from the public has been tremendous just from that two hour stint. I was standing in Tesco on Sunday and there were people chanting “Showbiz” at me in the middle of the store! I will go in with a bang and live up to the Timebomb in my second, well-deserved, place.

Will they be pleased to see you?
Yes. I hope so. Why not? They seemed pretty shocked when I left, but if I walk in and there are long faces then I’ll just make my mark and say, “Well, I am back bitch” and get on with it.

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Is it an advantage to go out and come back in?
Yes, of course! I have got to know the people more. I know what I am walking into. It feels like you’re bringing a new flavour to it and I feel privileged to be part of it.

Are you nervous?
I feel like you could do anything to me now and I would just bounce straight back.

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