*Face Palm*

Disgraced YouTuber and former, I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here contestant, Jack Maynard has told The Sun that he’s got lots of gay friends… and that he doesn’t have a problem with anyone.

The YouTuber, left the Aussie jungle, in November, following from revelations that there were racist and homophobic tweets sent from his Twitter account. He sent the tweets before he became famous on the YouTube platform. He also revealed that the person he aimed the homophobic insults at wasn’t gay and that the messages were “careless”.

Speaking to The Sun, he said,  “I’m straight but don’t have a problem with anyone. I don’t have a problem with any sexuality whatsoever. I’ve got lots of gay friends and absolutely love them.”

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Explaining why he sent the offensive Tweet Jack offered, “Sadly, this was in an argument with someone I knew from back home that just got very out of hand.”

“The person wasn’t gay; it was just a really careless insult. I wasn’t thinking about what I was saying; I was just retaliating in a really, really horrible way.”

He added: “It’s a disgusting word and I’m disgusted with myself for even using it. I’d never, ever use that word now to describe someone, to insult someone.”