When one the world's most famous gay authors make a clap back against religious bigotry towards gay people - he does it well.

When one the world’s most famous gay authors makes a clap back against religious bigotry towards gay people – he does it well.


Beautiful Thing writer, Jonathan Harvey had a few words for a person on Twitter who claimed that giving into sin, and in particular being gay, could “ruin” us if we let that sin “rule” us.

In the Tweet, Lisa Bedrick, who describes herself as having a BA in English and a “minor in Bible” wrote, “Maybe gay people are born gay. We are All born with an inclination toward some sin, but we can either have self control over that sin or we can let it rule us and ruin our lives”.

The Tweet has gone viral with over 7,000 responses to it.

Gimme Gimme Gimme creator Jonathan Harvey wasn’t having any of it and clapped back, “Jesus would be ashamed of you dear. Your humble braggery about your perfection is a fuckin sin dear. Pipe down.

He then tweeted Lisa directly, adding, “I’m a bit worried about your claim that Jesus loves you. I’m not sure he will if you spread incorrect information like homosexuality is caused by child abuse. He’ll see that as bearing false witness and the bible considers that a no-no.”

However, Jonathan wasn’t the only celeb to get involved, Lord Michael Cashman wrote, “Take your opinion about other peoples lives wrap it in tinfoil and place it in the fridge of your god and if you really are a true believer allow them to decide.

“You commit the ultimate blasphemy by sitting in the place of your god and telling and judging others. Move along”.

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While Drag superstar Lady Bunny, wrote, “Maybe some straight people are born straight. Even though they’re born with an inclination to yell at sports games with hot dogs on their breath while wearing fanny packs & Uggs, gays pray that they’ll exercise fashion self control b4 they ruin the world!”

“Is homosexuality caused by a fear of having children?”

Inexplicably, Ms Bedrick followed the tweets a few other questions and comments which were beyond EXTRA.

One read, “This might make some of you mad but I think this is a valid question. Is homosexuality caused by a fear of having children?”

In another, she said that she thought that homosexuality was caused by sexual abuse, saying “Regarding homosexuality, my heart goes out to those who are because I could have been there. I think it is caused by being sexually abused, and I was. But All things are possible with God. You might not like the opposite sex due to fear from sexual abuse, but you can overcome. ;)”

Jonathan had a response to this doozy of Tweet, saying “The only thing I’ve ever been abused by is your humongous ego, y dozy melt. Yours, a gay.”

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