Hollywood actor Kevin Spacey couldn’t hold back his tears as he was acquitted of all charges in his sexual assault trial in London. The jurors at Southwark Crown Court returned not guilty verdicts for nine sexual offence charges involving four men from incidents spanning between 2001 and 2013. The deliberations took more than 12 hours, and Mr. Spacey expressed gratitude to the jury for their thorough examination of the evidence.

Outside the court, the Oscar winner humbly spoke about his feelings after the verdict, acknowledging that there was a lot for him to process. He thanked the jury for their careful consideration of all the facts and evidence before reaching their decision. The actor also expressed his appreciation to the courthouse staff and security for their support during the trial.


During the emotional moment when the verdict was read, Mr. Spacey placed his hand on his chest and mouthed “thank you” twice to the jurors as they left the room. The trial involved seven counts of sexual assault, one count of causing a person to engage in sexual activity without consent, and one count of causing a person to engage in penetrative sexual activity without consent, all of which he was acquitted of.

During the trial, the jurors firmly rejected the prosecution’s claims against Mr. Spacey. The allegations included accusations that he had “aggressively” grabbed three men by the crotch and performed a sexual act on another man while he was asleep in his flat. However, the jury did not find sufficient evidence to support these claims.

The prosecutors had argued that Mr. Spacey’s actions left the four complainants feeling “small, diminished, and worthless.” But the jurors carefully considered the evidence presented and ultimately did not find the allegations convincing.


Throughout the trial, Mr. Spacey vehemently denied all charges, describing the accusations against him as “weak,” “madness,” and a “stab in the back.” His 64th birthday fell during the course of the proceedings. The actor maintained his innocence, and the jury’s verdict cleared him of all the sexual assault charges brought against him.

By law, all complainants are entitled to life-long anonymity.

The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) expressed its respect for the jury’s decision regarding the case. In a statement, a spokesperson emphasized that the role of the CPS is not to determine a person’s guilt in a criminal offence.

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Instead, their responsibility is to conduct fair, independent, and objective assessments to determine whether charges should be brought forward.

The trial, which lasted nearly four weeks, featured the testimonies of multiple witnesses, including Mr. Spacey himself. Throughout the proceedings, the jury carefully considered the evidence presented before reaching their verdict. The outcome of the trial concluded with the actor being cleared of all charges, highlighting the importance of a thorough and impartial legal process.

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