Lenny Kravitz Gets Penisgate

5th August 2015 0 By News Desk

Lenny Kravitz’s penis gets its own Gate…

Lenny Kravitz’s penis is now world famous, thanks to a well time photo and a wardrobe malfunction. His dong has even got its own hashtag, #PenisGate and Twitter account. We’re waiting for it to get its own Twitter handle.

The 51-year-old singer shared in a tweet a text message from rocker friend, Steve Tyler, who was surprised at Kravitz’s commando antics and willy-accessories.

The text said,

‘Dude. No underwear and pierced. F*** me.. You never showed me that sh*t (sic)’.

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Which makes you think, is Lenny Kravitz lining up peeps to show them his tackle? If so, where is the queue and are their tickets?