Lenny Kravitz’s penis gets its own Gate…

Lenny Kravitz’s penis is now world famous, thanks to a well time photo and a wardrobe malfunction. His dong has even got its own hashtag, #PenisGate and Twitter account. We’re waiting for it to get its own Twitter handle.

The 51-year-old singer shared in a tweet a text message from rocker friend, Steve Tyler, who was surprised at Kravitz’s commando antics and willy-accessories.

The text said,

‘Dude. No underwear and pierced. F*** me.. You never showed me that sh*t (sic)’.




Which makes you think, is Lenny Kravitz lining up peeps to show them his tackle? If so, where is the queue and are their tickets?


Have you ever had your prostate massaged?