Brian Paddick has resigned his post as the Liberal Democrat Shadow Home Secretary citing concerns over Tim Farron’s views.

Brian Paddick resigns the Lib Dems

One of the UK’s most powerful LGBT Peers and the Liberal Democrat’s highest profile gay member, Brian Paddick has, today, resigned his position as the Shadow Home Secretary over “concerns” about Tim Farron’s views.


Taking to Twitter Brian Paddick said,

“I’ve resigned as LibDems Shadow Home Secretary over concerns about the leader’s views on various issues that were highlighted during GE17.”

During the GE2017 campaign, Tim Farron was unable to answer, numerous times, about his beliefs surrounding the sinfulness of homosexuality. Although did say that he didn’t think that homosexuality or gay sex was a sin, he failed to answer further questioning on LBC’s breakfast show.


Lord Paddick did not go into detail about which of Mr Farron’s views he had taken issue with.

In 2015, Mr Paddick had been a vocal supporter of Tim Farron’s during and after the announcement of Farron as the new Lib Dem leader, telling THEGAYUK,

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“Tim Farron has come under a lot of criticism from people who either deliberately or simply misread Tim’s position when it came to votes in the House of Commons on equal marriage,

“He did ask for a change in the timetable to allow more discussion over complex issues around people who have honestly held beliefs who are currently employed as registrars, for example, who would feel very uncomfortable because it conflicts with their faith to conduct an equal marriage ceremony. He felt not enough time had been allowed in the parliamentary time belt to discuss those issues.

“As the Liberal Democrats’ gayest highest profile member I am absolutely confident that I can vote for Tim Farron and that he is absolutely 100% behind LGBTI rights.”

The Liberal Democrats did manage to add seats in the latest election, however, it was a far cry from the hoped-for resurgence of the Lib Dems since most of their seats were wiped out following a coalition with the Tories from 2010 to 2015.

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