Since arriving on the scene in 2013, Sassi Afrika has quickly made her mark as a unique talent and fresh addition to the UK’s drag scene. After taking some time out to record her second album, Pleasure, Sassi is now back on the scene and ready to conquer the world. But first I wanted to pull the great lady to one side, admire her weave, and put some burning questions to her.

Drag Queen Sassi Afrika
CREDIT: Jake Hook/TheGayUK

DB: Sassi, you are back with some new music and a brand new album. Tell me about it.
SA: Darling, it’s fabulous. It’s much better than my last album. I’m even in tune on parts of this one. It’s a lot more sexual and way more Sassi.

DB: Well you are certainly sassy. You’ve been doing some live shows recently too. Your outfits appear to be getting more and more revealing. Is there a reason for that?
SA: Have you seen me? I’m hot, that’s why. I’ve got it, so I flaunt it. You should wear something a bit more revealing yourself. Show a bit of cleavage, dear. This album is called Pleasure, so I’m doing all I can to give pleasure. My outfits are part of that.

DB: And you’ve been spreading out into the world of presenting this year too. Is there no end to your talent?
SA: Oh please, I don’t have talent; I am talent. I sing, dance, act, present, and can tie a knot in a cherry stalk with my tongue. I’m very talented.

DB: Last year TheGayUK named you as one of the top ten UK Drag Queens who would be great on RuPaul’s Drag Race. That’s quite a compliment, right?
SA: Yes, it’s an honour. I love RuPaul’s Drag Race. I can Sassi That Walk.

DB: You’ve said in the past that you are a modern day Madonna. Do you still view yourself in that way?
SA: I have nothing but admiration and respect for Madonna. She has been there, done it, done everyone, got the leotard, and is still going. I felt for her when she had the cloak incident at the Brits. But hey, she got up and kept going. Of course, people are going to compare us. We’re both global superstars, natural blondes and have a new face for each album.

DB: Let’s talk about the changing faces of Sassi Afrika. You’re looking fresh at the moment. What’s your secret?
SA: It’s no secret that I’m a fan of cosmetic procedures. I hook up with my surgeon on a regular basis. He nips, tucks, lifts and injects until I’m looking my best again. Also, a local clinic that does cosmetic procedures have recently offered me 50% off all treatments so I am able to have some top ups through the year. There isn’t much of me that’s not plastic, but I look good. I do know that, darling.

DB: Well all the work you’ve had done has clearly been worth it. You look sensational. Moving on, in your last interview with TheGayUK you spoke about your love of the gays. What is it about gays that you love so much?
SA: Oh gays are a hoot. I see myself as the mother of the gays. They come to me for advice, fashion tips and lip gloss. Also, gays lives are full of drama. I just love that because as you know, I don’t do drama; I am drama. I have to say that the gay community has always been there for me and I will always be there for them. We need to stick together, now more than ever. We are family.

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DB: Do you know what Amyl Nitrate is?
SA: Poppers, darling. I use them all the time to loosen up Victoria.

DB: Who’s Victoria?
SA: Oh, it’s my pet name for my pussy.

DB: So you have a cat as well as a dog now?
SA: No babe.

DB: I’ve heard that Baywatch is your favourite television show and with a film version being made, I wondered who you would snog, marry and avoid out of the following:
a)    David Hasselhoff
b)    Zac Efron
c)    Pamela Anderson
SA: Oh god, I’d snog them all. Do I have to pick? Erm… Well, if I must. Ok, I’d snog Pammy. She’s like me; she’s just got it. So I’d snog Pamela Anderson. Or would I marry her? Ok, I’d snog Pamela Anderson and then marry her. I’d do more than snog Zac Efron but put him down for a snog. I guess that means I’d have to avoid The Hoff. Will he be in the new film? I used to love watching him trying to hold his stomach in as he ran along the beach. Gotta love a bit of David Hasselhoff.

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Sassi Afrika is clearly a woman who speaks her mind. You can discover more on Twitter @SassiAfrikaand introduce yourself to her music on Bandcamp.

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