Well this might be a turn up for the books… Newly bankrupt Nick Griffin has Tweeted his somewhat support of gay people, but only through warning people of the ‘Dangers of Islamism’

Openly gay showman Derren Brown tweeted the hashtag #PrayForNick after news of the BNP leader’s bankruptcy. However in a crude turn, Nick tweeted back:

‘@DerrenBrown @TheStaggers Don’t worry Derren, it doesn’t stop me being an MEP & warning of the danger Islamism poses to you & yours! X’

So it seems that Nick Griffin is on the side of gay people – as long as it’s against Islam? We’re not quite sure, but I’m pretty sure we’re ok without your support Nick – Thanks anyway.


In 2012 Nick Griffin called upon his legion of followers to make their ‘merry’ way to the house of Michael Black and John Morgan who won their discrimination case against a B&B owner who wouldn’t allow the couple to stay the night at her business, in what was seen as a incitement to abuse the couple.

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