A leading doctor has revealed what can cause piles and how you can avoid them.

Doctor Diana Gall, from Doctor-4-U, has revealed to THEGAYUK what causes piles and no, anal sex isn’t one of them.

Dr Gall told us, “Piles, also known as haemorrhoids, are a common condition which anyone can get. You are more likely to get them when you are older, but they can occur at any time, regardless of age.

“Piles occur when blood vessels inside or around your anus become swollen, creating lumps which are usually small, round and discoloured.  The most common causes of piles are constipation and straining too much when you go to the toilet. They can also be caused by lifting heavy objects or having a persistent cough.

Can anal sex cause piles?

The good doc continues, “Many people think piles can be caused by anal sex, but this is very unlikely. Though anal sex can irritate existing piles, so plenty of lube should be used to avoid as much irritation as possible. 

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How to avoid getting piles

“While piles can never become 100% avoidable for anyone”, Dr Gall tells us, “you’ll have a much better chance of preventing them if you maintain a diet containing plenty of fibre-rich foods and drink plenty of fluids. You should, however, limit your intake of caffeinated drinks such as tea and coffee. Keeping your bottom clean and dry and using a softer alternative to toilet paper (like moist toilet tissues) can help a lot too if you’re frequently getting piles. Exercising regularly can also help prevent piles, but your diet and hygiene are bigger factors.

What to do if you get piles

If you do end up getting piles, then you’ll want to be able to identify relevant symptoms. The lumps this condition creates may or may not be large enough to come out of your anus. It depends on how severe your condition proves to be. If you can feel lumps or pain around your anus, then this is most likely a clear sign of piles.

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