No, Katy Perry didn’t call her rainbow shoes after this gay slur

Katy Perry has been dragged by people on social media after calling her range of shoes “sissy”.

Katy Perry has come under fire by some on social media after users assumed that she had called a rainbow flag-inspired design of shoes “sissy”.

However, it turns out that the range of shoes, which retails for $89.00 on the singer’s website, doesn’t just come in the rainbow style, but a range of colours – and the name, well, it turns out that’s actually how the “Roar” singer refers to her sister – not as suggested by some, a reference to the anti-gay slur, sissy.

Most of the drama was caused when one eagle-eyed Twitter user questioned why Katy Perry had named the rainbow-inspired shoe “The Sissy”, stating, “Katy Perry named her LGBT flag colored shoe “The Sissy”. WTF @katyperry”

The user then tweeted at Buzzfeed prompting for a story on the finding, asking “can we get some exposure on this mess?

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Speaking about the design on TV, Katy said, “It’s called the Sissy, not because you become a sissy if you wear it, it’s dedicated to my sister”.

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The rainbow style shoe did not make an appearance on the show, but other versions of the design did feature.

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